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If you really think about it, people don’t buy a travel pillow because they want one. They buy one because they want sleep. And they don’t want token sleep -- the kind that you wake up from exhausted and with a painful crick in the neck.

No, instead you want to close your eyes and wake up hours later, rested, relaxed and ready for your arrival, be it for business or pleasure. So why do so many people buy cheap travel pillows that fail to work as promised?

That question was on the mind of Dr. Melvin Cheatham, a renowned spinal surgeon, author and Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery who likes to travel. He enjoys travelling so much that he has visited over 60 countries and often racks up frequent flier points at a rate of over 100,000 miles per year.

Several years ago, he returned from another trip and tossed another failed travel pillow into a drawer. In it was a pile of more U-shaped pillows that had promised sound sleep at a bargain price, only to start leaking after takeoff or failing to offer better support. Disappointed yet again, his mind was made up to do something about the problem.

As both an expert in the field of spinal medicine and a serious global traveller, he set out to design a pillow that worked as advertised and truly succeeded in offering fellow travelers the comfort and sleep they needed. Borrowing from over 35 years of clinical and private practice, he designed a pillow so revolutionary, it was awarded a patent!

A few of Dr. Cheatham's Patented Features

In July of 2000, Dr. Cheatham’s “Komfort Kollar” inflatable pillow went on the market, and the results were astounding! One catalog sold out of six months of inventory in the first six weeks!

When the prestigious Wall Street Journal Travel Section sought out the best travel pillow available, they included the Komfort Kollar as one of the top five finalists in their search for a winner to be crowned the “best” travel pillow... Komfort Kollar was found to be the best.

You can click on the article below to read the whole story...

wall street journal article names Komfort Kollar the best travel pillow


When the inflatable version of the Komfort Kollar first debuted in Magellan's Traveller's Catalog, it quickly soared to record sales, selling out 6 months of inventory in only 6 weeks!

Komfort Kollar has been featured in the Sky Mall In-Flight Catalog.

"My wife was asleep in the RV seat before I got 20 miles down the road. Before she always woke up with a stiff neck, but not now using the Komfort Kollar. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who does any travelling at all."
-Good Sam's Club HIGHWAYS Magazine, June 2002

One of our catalog customers was so impressed with the Komfort Kollar, they dropped their own pillow and now carry ours exclusively.

"Finally a flight where I was able to sleep and not wake up with a sore neck... this is great! Thanks Komfort Kollar!"

"Whether riding in the car on a long trip, flying or crossing on the ferry, my Komfort Kollar is always with me. It's easy to use and really supports my neck and head."